Linus and the Christmas Quilts: Part II

Fortunately, there was a small shop near my home that specialized in vacuums and sewing machines. I’ve never quite figured out the connection between the two and why they’d be showcased in the same store. Probably something to do with domestic engineering.

Filled with confidence and knowing that the machine simply had to sew a straight stitch, I walked into the shop. An elderly man approached to help.

I need a simple sewing machine, I announced. I’m making quilts for my grandchildren.

He immediately steered me towards a complicated, expensive machine that did everything but cook dinner. I shook my head.

I’m only going to use a straight stitch.

He frowned, But, this one will…

Straight stitch. It’ll never see reverse.

I’ve got just the machine for you.

And, he did. It’s still working like a champ. Straight stitches in its sleep and still has never been in reverse.

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