When I Grow Up…

By far, most coffee dates are with Normal Men with whom there is no spark and most conversations follow what has become a pretty predictable drill in candidly sharing our experiences and thoughts.

We wonder about the future.

Given the wide range of backgrounds and experiences, it is actually quite amazing that most of us, in the post-sixty year old range, seem to have formed fairly similar opinions. We hate on-line dating, taking frequent breaks and returning only because it is so difficult to meet potential partners. We’ve all noted that the same faces continue to populate the sites, our own included.


If we’ve been single for a while, we have concluded that we’re actually doing quite well, thank you very much…alone but not lonely.

Still, we wonder a whole lot.

We wonder what a relationship would actually look like.

In our twenties, relationships were easy to define: two kids, a dog or cat, white picket fence…the path was there and ready to follow.  We look to our parents’ generation and we’re certainly not them.

So we wonder about the path in front of us and what it may actually look like, one day, some day.

And, then we wonder some more…

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