Workaround Proposals

You have a dog; I have a cat. We each have pensions, investments and Social Security.  Or not.

Kids, yours and mine.

We have our own homes, friends and routines.

Marriage? With all the financial complications at this late age? oh my…

Most of the men I’ve met are professionals; so are many of the women online. We’ve faced challenges before. So, we’ve come up with a litany of workaround relationship options. None are terribly promising.

  • There’s the current popular option: Let’s Spend a Couple Days at Your Place, A Couple at Mine and the Rest on our Own. Could work. Or not.
  • The I Don’t Want Marriage, but am open to a Long Term Relationship option. Until I’m not and then I’m history.
  • Let’s just be Friends With Benefits…sometimes known as the Candy Shoppe Option (I’ll just nibble on your ear until I find someone who looks a bit sweeter)

The challenge with these options is that there’s no commitment, which roughly translates into no commitment. Things get tough, boring, complicated or any of the myriads of “stuff” that are part of a relationship and WHOOSH, the exit door is way too easy to run though.

There is an interesting option floating around some of the over-55 communities. Have the wedding with family, guests and a darn good party, but don’t sign the papers. The vows to each other are made, family and friends recognize the couple as having taken the critical next step in the relationship, but the intertwining of assets (even with pre-nups, it seems things do get messy) and the post-death inheritance drama with children and grandchildren is avoided.

The faux marriage idea may have legs.