The Project Linus Update

As many of you may know, California has been burning — the last two large fires in Northern California destroyed over 1,000 homes.

Last week, I dropped off five rag quilts for Project Linus and just received a wonderful email — all five quilts are on their way to five young children whose families lost everything in the fires.

IMG_2396So, for those of you who have been thinking about jumping in, stop thinking and do it.  These don’t have to be rag quilts (although they’re awfully fun to make and, believe me, take no talent at all — they’re very forgiving!!); any kind of handmade blanket will do.

A couple of websites: (the national organization that can link you to a donation point in your area) (the Sacramento group that my area feeds into; they’ve got a great video you may want to watch, in case you’re wondering if the blankets make any difference!)