I marvel at Serendipity.

I love the sound of Serendipity rolling off the tongue and, in that instant, there is a whole world of possibilities.

If Serendipity could be held in my hand, I imagine it would be an old-fashion kaleidoscope. Spin the cylinder and, as if by magic, all the tiny unimportant, unconnected pieces of glass, beads and pebbles come together to create an image that holds all the possibilities of a moment that may never be seen again. 

The challenge may be in noticing and embracing those serendipitous moments in our lives, especially when a particular pattern appears, quietly slips away and then unexpectedly reappears later down the road.

My moment of Serendipity has been in the making over many years.  It began when I was still working. A colleague, also a friend, and I met monthly over the course of a few years to keep each other up to date on campus safety issues.

At the end of almost every conversation, he’d pause and reflect,

You know, when I retire, my wife and I are moving to a small lake community in the Sierra Foothills. It is so beautiful and peaceful. We absolutely love it.

With that, Serendipity planted its seed and waited to be nurtured.

One long decade later,  just a little over a year ago, in one of those moments you just know is surrounded by Serendipity, I met a man from a small town in the Sierra Foothills.

I told him about my colleague who had moved up to a lake community in the area. He told me it was beautiful.

I’ve lived at that lake for over twenty years!  He’s right. It is incredibly beautiful. Who’s your friend?

Turns out they’ve been golf partners for years.


It led to a Road Trip. 

And a second Road Trip. 

And, yes, the lake and the community are as beautiful as I had imagined. So is the entire area. It’s no wonder I was mesmerized.

A few months later, with the help of two friends — one old, one new — the perfect home found me and, within a matter of weeks, I was packed and moved.

I now look in any direction and am surrounded by vistas that are, at the same moment, both breathtaking and serene.  They’ve become a sanctuary, holding and nourishing my soul while re-igniting a passion for writing.

It is in this moment of pure Serendipity that my spirit sings again.


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