The Good Sisters

just me, coloring outside the lines

One of our colleagues and close friends rushed into the English Office early one October morning.

It’s going to be Halloween!  Mimi announced.

The rest of us groaned. 

Halloween on a high school campus falls somewhere between Carrie and Zombie ApocalypseII.  It is typically a lost teaching day and is spent keeping marginal control of 150 to 200 students dressed in every conceivable costume and are much more interested in each other than the assignment at hand.

I have an idea!  That was not news to us. Mimi always had a new idea.  We’re sisters.  We can all come dressed as nuns.

We looked at her. We looked at each other.  We grinned. A plan was in the works. 

On Halloween, we arrived, one by one, and looking very nun-like.  With floor-length black habits, 1940s black shoes, white wimples, black veils, rulers in hand, and reading glasses perched…

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4 thoughts on “The Good Sisters

  1. It was hot that day and I went into the bathroom at the end of the day to take off at least the wimple but my bangs have been pushed backwards all day and I don’t care how much water I put on they still stuck up and would not come down and lie down on my forehead. So I put it back on and went out to get in our old 1964 Volkswagen Vanagon. Our car was in the shop for an oil change that day and I think Burton was going to buy new tires.
    I got on the freeway but just as I got up to speed all the sudden all the cars you’re slamming on their brakes and this thing had pretty crappy brakes Kama so I swung out into the brand new carpool lane to avoid hitting the car in front of me. The cars were all stopped off to the right because of whatever problem there was so I went driving in the carpool lane enjoying it very much. Until.
    Suddenly beside me is a police officer with his candles on and his siren, and I look at him and he wags his finger at me like “Naughty naughty Sister!” He motioned for me to go to the right, and I think I have to go across all the lanes and pull off and get a ticket and then he will soon see that I am not a nun because these were the cheapest cheesiest Halloween costumes, and he’ll kill me for imitating a nun.
    Instead, once I got over into the regular lanes , he pulled into the carpool lane and sped off, believing he had rescued a nun from a bad bad deed and put her back on to the straight and narrow!

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