This New Orange Era: The Day After

Life in the Boomer Lane

There’s a novel I read, One Second After, about a high energy EMP (electro magnetic pulse) missile fired above the US by a country with which we were at war. EMPs kill no one directly. Instead, they cause all electronic activity to cease. In other words, computers stop computing, cars stop moving, cells stop working, and what we know as civilization comes to a grinding halt. The message of that book was intended as a wake up call to readers to be vigilant, to be resourceful, and above all else, to be armed.  I had a lot of issues with the book, most notably its notion that a gun-toting, militaristic, us vs them view of the world is what will save us from the dark forces that lay beyond.

We are now in our own form of EMP attack. Our computers  and cell phones still work, and our cars…

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