Where there’s smoke…

…there’s usually fire.

I could well be talking politics.

Hillary, the server, the emails, the FBI, the DOJ and the GOP.  If the GOP is so adamant that her actions constituted criminal behavior, I wonder if they will also include former Secretaries of State Powell and Rice for identical indiscretions.

The Donald, white supremacists and the relatively few GOP members willing to say “The Trump has no clothes.” I sent an email to thank Sen. Lindsey Graham (R, South Carolina) for his critical words. I also need to thank Gov. Romney. 

But, it’s still all a worry.  Fire, smoke or as an old friend noted, I’m beginning to worry that we won’t pass our national IQ test in November.

Today, however, I’m really writing about fire.  Actual fire. Forest fire. Thousands of acres in flames and thick dark smoke in the middle of a very oppressive June heatwave.

It made for a lot of indoor time, if only to protect one’s lungs.

The options for entertainment were relatively few, after rejecting cable news or house cleaning.  The resident cat wasn’t even much of a distraction, given that he spent most of his time sprawled on his back atop of his favorite bed and under the breeze of a spinning ceiling fan.

Left to my own devices, I pulled out the sewing machine and began piecing new quilts for our local Linus group.

The quilts are actually getting better — although an experienced eye will note there are no triangles, circles, hexagons or other assorted geometric shapes showing up.  But, the squares and rectangles are getting straighter and better aligned and I’m growing more confident with color and design.

Regardless of the quality of my work, I figure the teens and preteens who will be receiving these quilts won’t be that critical…

which might well say something about the differing outlooks of youth and adults…

and that gives me reason to smile, despite the heat, the fire and the smoke, all of which are now fading into a June memory, and the politics, which are just now heating up for an anticipated autumn inferno.




Recipes for a Summer’s Day Re-Post


Mixed Bricks Quilt

Mix together one summer afternoon with an old rocking chair and one well-worn quilt.  Add a breezy summer novel, a lazy overhead fan and tall chilled glass of freshly squeezed lemonade. Enjoy!


Basket Weave Quilt (a Project Linus quilt*)

Gently scatter two or three teenage girls (or women who are young at heart) over one  well-loved quilt. Place at  the base of a meandering moss-covered stone staircase. Mix in blue skies, a couple wispy clouds and one large shade tree.  Marinate well.  Watch dreams take flight.


Scrappy Quilt (a Project Linus quilt*)

Add one large friendly quilt to a park bench at the edge of a well worn path. Settle in one retired gentleman with his morning cup of coffee. Newspaper optional. A perfect start to any new day!


Nine Patch Quilt (a Project Linus quilt*)

Begin with one vintage quilt. Add deep plum colored geraniums.  Top with a trotting horse weather-vane.  Allow to simmer until one large black cat settles in for an afternoon nap.  Yawn…


Disappearing Nine Square Quilt (a Project Linus quilt*)

Mix one well-tended herb garden, one clay pot overflowing with hot pink geraniums and a bird bath filled with sparkling clear water.  Add a dash of a bright charm pack quilt to spice a lazy summer morning.  Yummy!


Disappearing Nine Square Baby Quilt (a Project Linus quilt*)

Carefully stir one child’s antique red rocking chair with a well-traveled carousel horse and slowly add baby’s first quilt. Season sweetly to create wonder-filled memories.


Log Cabin Quilt (a Project Linus quilt*)

Gently blend two little girls, one small tea set and a rag doll with a country quilt. Slowly simmer for an afternoon filled with make-believe delight.

IMG_0820 (2)

Block Quilt (a Project Linus quilt*)

Thoroughly mix one lake, three teenage boys and their tube floats.  Carefully spread over a quilt of Hawaiian surfboard and outrigger prints. Marinate well so plans will season. 

IMG_0816 (1)

Sixteen Patch Quilt

Gather one warm summer evening, a lake, a picnic table and large quilt.  Top with a basket of cold crispy chicken, green salad and crusty sour dough french bread. Serve with chilled white wine, ice tea or lemonade. Homemade apple pie or strawberry shortcake optional.


* The Project Linus Quilts were all made from donated scrap fabric provided through the Auburn CA/Whistle Stop Project Linus group.  The handmade quilts are being donated to the Sacramento Chapter of Project Linus, a member of the national non-profit, and will be distributed, along with other homemade blankets, to children in need ~ in hospitals, in foster care, homeless, or just going through a difficult time. 

See www.sacprojectlinus.org and projectlinus.org for more information.