A Friday Surprise!

versatileWhat a surprise last Friday morning to open my email and find that I had been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Lisa over at lisapomerantzster.com who writes a wonderfully delightful blog about her Mrs. and two daughters, Big and Little.

Thank you, Thank you, Lisa!

Then, I found there are rules, and as some of you know, I’ve never met a rule I didn’t want to break.

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link up to their blog.  That’s easy!
  • Nominate at least 15 bloggers of my choice, including links to each one so you, my lovely readers can see what I am talking about! (When thinking about The Versatile Blogger, one must keep in mind writing style, technique, uniqueness of  subject matter and the level of love that exudes from the words on their pages)
  • Share seven facts about yourself

So, not wanting to disappoint Lisa or the Versatiles, I will do my best:

In not any particular order other than alpha and not fifteen (see paragraph 3), but unique sites I definitely do enjoy in addition to Lisa’s.  I hope you will visit them because these include some pretty darn talented artists, photographers and writers from around the world:

Seven facts, give or take (see paragraph 3), about me:

  • I am a Scorpio which may not mean anything other than when people think they have me figured out, sooner or later they find out they don’t;
  • I am evidently professionally challenged, or seriously ADD, having had a variety of careers in widely different arenas;
  • And, I am finally, sort of, figuring out retirement after being, sort of, retired for nine years, and that includes writing this blog.

Again, a great big Thank You to Lisa!!!